Greetings, I’m Reza Eftekhari, a CG artist holding a master’s degree in architecture. My journey into the captivating world of CGI art began during my university years when I discovered a seamless connection between my passion for architecture and the possibilities of architectural visualization.

With over a decade of professional experience, I’ve honed my skills on diverse projects, gaining recognition in industry communities, magazines, and online platforms. My architectural background not only fuels my creative endeavours but also fosters a mutual understanding with clients, helping them visualize and achieve their project visions.

I’m deeply engaged in the fusion of architecture and CGI art, bringing a distinctive style marked by meticulous attention to detail. This extends to both still images and animations, covering a broad spectrum of projects, including product, interior, and exterior renders. In my toolkit, 3Dsmax serves as my primary tool, complemented by a range of software like Vray, Corona, Chaos Vantage, Fstorm, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, After Effects, and Adobe Premier, tailored to project requirements.

Energized by daily challenges, I continuously update my knowledge, ensuring my work stands out in the dynamic world of CGI art. If there are specific areas you’d like to explore or discuss further, I’m here with a wealth of professional and friendly insights.